Thursday, March 22, 2012

You're Ready To Graduate Senior High School Already

For many people, senior high school is one thing we left out ten years (or 2 or 3) ago.

Have you ever observe that senior high school behavior (the negative kind) is one thing we consistently see in companies and organizations? Probably the most common actions are:

- Approval seeking: people want individuals to like them. This really is partially because humans are social animals and partially because we're hard-wired to fear being shunned in the tribe. Approval seeking becomes problematic whenever you water lower your message to be able to attract the mythical tribe of "everyone". Approval seeking can also be simple for others to place. In networking circles, there's almost always somebody that changes their personality to suit the present situation, a chameleon for a moment. This begs the question, if the individual is so unclear about who they really are, the way they have the ability to serve me or even the clients running a business?

- Gossip: is among the number 1 indications that the office/clients are in danger. When individuals are gossiping, it's sure sign they aren't happy in their own individual lives, since they're trading energy in distributing negative details about others. Running a business, it begs the question: if people talk by doing this about each other, exactly what does that say about how exactly they treat clients and work?

- Crazymaking: Author Julia Cameron best describes "crazymakers" in her own book The Artists' Way at the office: "Crazymakers enjoy drama, and melodrama requires a feeling of impending disaster. Things are an urgent situation, a deadline, dependent on existence and dying, or something like that they'll reach eventually. Read 'never'... Nearly any situation could be cast as melodrama to aid a crazymaker's plot lines...". Crazymakers are the type who drag uninvolved people to their conflicts demand special therapy (off-hrs visits, reduced costs) and make chaos when you're looking to get stuff done. Crazymakers don't have any respect for other individuals limitations. If you have a crazymaker inside your office, you know it since the crazymaker may be the one trying out time and effort from everybody. Have you got a crazymaker destroying your company?

- Worrying: just a little worrying goes a lengthy way. In small doses, it may be productive if this prompts you to definitely do something to repair something that's no longer working. However, worrying can certainly be a bad habit in groups. Complainers are simple to place in groups, because they are usually worrying about irrelevant matters or things they can't change. For instance, complainers like to complain concerning the free food at networking occasions. Everyone has eaten the rubbery chicken at networking occasions, but chicken is not the reason why you attend the big event, so don't complain about this! If a person gripes about every minor detail, how can they conduct themselves running a business? (most likely by worrying)

- Cutting Class: Everybody cuts class every once in awhile. Many people elevate it for an Olympic quality sport. Everyone knows individuals who consistently cancel coffee and lunch dates in the last second. They're usually exactly the same people who don't appear to conferences and occasions they formerly decided to attend. If you're the type of individual who doesn't have the habit of smoking of turning up, how will you be anticipated to appear inside your business?

- Cliques: The little, "exclusive" groups of people that appear to complete everything together, also called "the awesome kids". Cliques are harmful to business simply because they finish up excluding potential new clients or partners. Finding yourself in a clique also puts you at elevated risk for "groupthink", that is a dynamic that occurs in groups once they aren't susceptible to outdoors influence. It's when consensus and harmony get to be the goals from the group, at the fee for growth.

"Senior high school behavior" is a straightforward fallback because senior high school is definitely an experience virtually people have had, and also the roles are simple to fall under in group situations. Yet it's very harmful towards the functioning and success of the business.

5 Easily Methods to Leverage Your Time And Effort and Talent Series: Part 3 of four

People request me constantly how I have handled to produce a 6-figure business while only working about 15 hrs per week. First, I needed to develop a firm foundation and hang up systems that will offer the business because it increased, systems which were either automated or assigned or easily repeatable.

After I had the building blocks and also the beginning systems in position, I had been constantly searching for methods to leverage time and talent, and that i still do. I possibly could write a magazine around the many different ways we all do this during my business (and perhaps I'll at some point) however in this 4-part series, I am going to express probably the most effective ones that you could affect your company today.

1. Use volunteers

Using volunteers, apprentices or interns in your company is a terrific way to work wiser. Request yourself what you would like to complete using a volunteer, searching in internet marketing in the place what tasks would they perform which will free you up so that you can concentrate on creating things that create earnings. Also consider what regular tasks they will help you within your company that will help you to cut costs when they get the advantage of gaining knowledge from you when you are part in your team.

2. "Please clarify"

As somebody who includes a inclination to in excess of-explain, the 'please clarify' idea is just one of my personal favorite methods to leverage time.

This is the way is works: When someone transmits a communication whether by e-mail or voicemail message and you are confused because of it, create decipher it. Just send an e-mail back or perhaps a quick call requesting clearness or have your assistant call for those who have one. You are able to say, "I did not know very well what you meant inside your message. Are you able to clarify?"

Don't spend some time trying to puzzle out or interpret what it really means. This is a total waste of time. We are able to constitute a myriad of things. Let your partner result in being clearer.

3. Switch off the chatter

Switch off your e-mail as well as your social networking chatter. If you are inside your mailbox or on social networking all day long, power it down. I provide you with permission to not answer your email the 2nd it is available in in addition to not worrying by what you might 'miss' should you log from social networking.

I understand this can be a hardship on you, but what I'm not going you to definitely do is figure from the host to reaction. You need to respond on time when it is known as for but you are not responding.

Here's my mantra - both personally and appropriately:

Simply because someone e-mails you does not mean you need to answer it. Simply because the telephone rings does not mean you need to answer it.

Record a note in your phone and hang up an email autoresponder that essentially states, "We've got your message. This is where we'll respond.Inch You're controlling anticipation. You are setting a dark tone. You are asking individuals to respect your time and effort. And you are determining the way your time is put in a moment.

4. Choose simple

Much more doubt attempt to create simple items and services. I understand as entrepreneurs we've these great ideas. We're creative people. There exists a large amount of ideas and you are always wondering, "What must i do next?"

The simplest way to produce the next factor, whatever format it's, would be to make it simple. You're going to get it to promote faster. That's a method to leverage your time and effort. You will have a lot of simple items to offer and it is much less meet your needs should you keep things simple.

And realize that individuals simpler ones could be bundled up together in the future when they follow across the same theme, providing you with another product to provide.

5. Choose a crowd for the message

I understand you are most likely fed up with hearing that one, but it is a simple truth when creating a effective and sustainable business, not appear companies you are in.

You'll want a target audience to talk about your message with. Even when you are unsure what you are most designed to serve or who your message is particularly just for yet, that's OK. But do select one even when it's broad to begin with. It can make your marketing a lot simpler. Which will leverage your time and effort.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just How Can A Fraud Review Help In Fraud Prevention?

The issue of fraud is greatly just like a serious disease. Unless of course you've got a existence threatening disease, or somebody near to you does, you allow the topic hardly any thought. Despite the fact that its effect on other companies is visible from daily reviews within the press, you do not be worried about the scenario from it threatening your personal.

Complacency may be the greatest cause of the issue of fraud risk. Nowadays most companies may have accounting controls over its finances that usually are meant to prevent problems occurring. These will typically be passwords for computer systems, reconciliations of numerous statistical processes and supervision of monetary along with other business activities.

But, fraud prevention won't be accomplished simply with accountancy controls. They're essential and can reduce the chance of fraud somewhat, but like a sole fraud prevention tool they're insufficient. The cunning criminal could possibly get round any accounting control otherwise supervised, by trying to find its inevitable weak points. But think about this - they're more prone to search for this type of chink when the perception is the fact that nobody likes you the issue of fraud. When the fraudster thinks the only real foe may be the defensive type of accounting controls, he is able to plot and plan until he finds a means round them. This occurs by creating forged documents, understanding that errors will never be checked or colluding along with other like-minded dishonest staff.

If however there's someone overlooking his shoulder, wondering "can there be any fraud happening?Inch the fraudster will be not as likely to start to commit fraud. However, consequently your company do not need to be oppressive, overlooking the shoulder of each and every worker constantly! This means the whole labor force must become fraud aware, have a very culture that values that fraud is a concern and may affect their jobs and future security. Among the best methods for accomplishing this is thru the fraud review.

A fraud review is frequently known as an audit, but unlike the legal compliance visits through the auditors it's a focused, expert and simplified procedure that can greatly reduce the chance of fraud. When you already have a very formal internal audit team you could utilize this to attempt fraud reviews. After some specialized training you'll be able to divert a part of their assets to higher effect thus costing little or free introducing. Thus, aside from the first training of staff in your existing labor force, setting up a highly effective fraud awareness atmosphere may cost hardly any yet might even save your valuable business from the future serious attack of fraud that may mean failure! This may also have the benefit of reducing petty expense claim exaggeration and pilfering.

It's very simple to introduce a fraud review process. An anti-fraud professional will make time to comprehend the processes happening inside your business. This can occur within the hq from the parent organisation and likely take around one or two days. In the finish of this time around, based on if the fraud review will be outsourced or perhaps in-house audit abilities should be employed, the fraud expert will show a fraud awareness training program to staff. The service package puts in position a general insurance policy for fraud, enhancing the culture of awareness and building a constantly strengthening barrier against fraud that then business must maintain. If the entity's own assets aren't utilized, and expert fraud specialist may want to visit various subsidiaries and divisions of the business, that are frequently more dangerous because of their seclusion in the parent.

The fraud review process is important to the businesses' health insurance and its scale only need be proportionate to that particular from the business it's attempting to safeguard. However much effort and time put to the defence of fraud, it's the senior managers' obligation to the stakeholders to attain appropriate protection. The fraud review is really a critical component of the interior fraud prevention process and should be incorporated together with the important "fraud policy" aiming a fraud aware culture inside the business.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Do You Want Expert Accounting Witnesses In The Event Of Fraud?

A disproportionately large area of the government bodies finances are adopted by fraud. Large and sophisticated fraud cases can involve many 1000's of pages of bank claims along with other records that should be presented and contended over in the court. The complexness may present deficiencies in clearness which may be used through the criminal defence.

The adversarial system of justice implies that any criminal has the authority to present a defence to accusations made. They're presumed innocent until proven otherwise. The machine is probably the best and fairest possible, but comes with its very own problems. Getting a reasonable trial is appropriate, and implies that every factor of a situation should be carefully examined and can't be simply skirted over. Obviously which means that the criminal defence team can exploit the machine for their advantage.

To be able to make sure that complicated financial matters are often understood through the court it is crucial that relevant proof of fraud is examined with a competent fraud expert witness or forensic accountant and presented clearly and succinctly. Ideally, this could happen throughout the preparation from the situation, through the body looking into the criminal matter, like the police. Unfortunately that such persons are often not utilized by law enforcement frequently due to financial constraints. They'll investigate a situation of fraud and frequently present each and every item of monetary evidence they've examined no matter whether or not this links together and describes the game which has occurred.

Which means that the defence will need to employ a skilled forensic accountant to trawl through every factor of the situation and potentially behave as a fraud expert witness throughout the trial. The cash the police saved using their budget may have to leave the justice services plan for defence costs! Not just that, however when the defence expert witness presents a study that criticises how a prosecution have presented their situation, law enforcement will have to seek their very own experienced expert witness to think about it. Thus the expense they saved to begin with have to be incurred in the end.

Serious fraud tests are usually probably the most costly, and there has been many failures previously costing millions in tax payers' money. One solution could be for that looking into government bodies to use the expertise of a forensic accountant at some sharp throughout the preparation of the situation. The forensic accountant would test various facets of the situation and recommend regions of weakness and insufficient financial audit trail. Used in an easy method, such costs shouldn't be as great for a complete-blown expert accountant's analysis. The truly amazing benefit is once the defence experienced the situation summary, there wouldn't be exactly the same scope for critique utilizing their own expert witness.

The defence expert would therefore be limited to verifying the approach utilized by the prosecution, and potentially simply auditing facets of the situation instead of doing their own full-scale analysis. Additionally, the quantity of relevant documentation that requires revealing may be reduced substantially.

An additional benefit is the fact that both prosecution and defence experts could meet. In an exceedingly short period of time they might achieve a place where most areas are agreed, departing only a couple of points to dispute in the court. These remaining points are that appears to be those where legal argument is required, instead of expert financial analysis.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


so I'm back again :~) finally!!

The day after my last post was a life changing day/night/event that I can only say I survived and my friends and family somehow dragged me through. The most terrifying event I have ever been witness/victim/survivor of.

As a result,
I learnt above anything that I have some of the most awesome friends in the world that really are there when I needed them.
I learned that I could go to the very edge of the cliff and teeter on the brink and not fall off ~ though heaven knows why I didn't.
I saw the fear in my parents eyes, and my friends about me, and because I felt it too I couldn't do anything about it. For once I was too vulnerable to protect them.

I saw fear translate into anger in people around me and I was scared. I was too scared about me to feel anger until after it was over.. the whole thing - court and the press...
I gave up alcohol and couldn't eat, couldn't swallow.. and yet I could just about function in the workplace. Odd!

I wanted to die and yet had very little choice but to continue to exist.. without seeing a future.

I have never been so scared in my life.
never been so scarred,

and yet I lived.. and my family lived.

That to me is a miracle.

I learned that the end of life isn't always measured in days, or hours, or minutes, but in seconds... the most terrifying moment of revelation ever...

I learned that I was lucky.

That somehow we escaped... and with faith in ourselves and our family we could learn to live again, pick up the pieces, and carry on
that I could trust people, even strangers again, even though it took courage to do it.

That in December I couldn't imagine that June would exist and yet here we are
and that the essence of me is still me...

that my kids have been amazing, that we have literally been to hell and come back again..
through sheer determination and belief in ourselves and one another.
Through talking, sharing, helping one another, being sensitive to one another's needs... and persistently refusing to let anyone take our vital life force away from us...

we discovered and relearned that life is indeed for living

I'm not so daft that I don't know we have hurdles ahead - anniversaries, the unexpected encounter and things we haven't considered...

and yet I do feel that we have found our footing again... thanks to so many people - some who know and some who I have yet to thank for their part.

We aren't strong on our own...

sometimes we need our friends and family and connections to hold us when we can't hold ourselves...

BUT at the end of it all, I'm still here, and life is good...

There is colour and fun, and fire and beauty, and friends and sparkle, and a now for us to enjoy in freedom.

That even though perspective can, and most certainly does wane over time, life is all the sweeter for what could have been - and thankfully wasn't...

That the rainbow is indeed still there... :~)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rest in peace my friend...

"I have to remind myself that some birds aren't meant to be caged.
Their feathers are just too bright and when they fly away, the part of you that knows it was a sin to lock them up does rejoice, but still, the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone.
I guess I just miss my friend."

Red in the Shawshank Redemption

For a friend who was in my life for way too short a time - but who taught me much about all kinds of things.
I know she is free now, free of all pain and finally at peace.
Still very sad and I do miss her - thats selfish but human.

And yet on another level, it is true for us all I think - we all need our freedom, and clipped wings are just cruel
no bird is meant to be caged, and if we leave the door open we may find some colourful visitors come to roost with us a while, maybe even often.
They may leave behind evidence of their prescence, a soft downy comfort, or a bright tail feather as a reminder while they adventure, but whatever they leave, we are blessed to have had them with us and shared with them.

While they are here we get used to their presence, to sharing our food and water and our tales, to caring for one another when they are around. We certainly do miss them when they are away, and may even anticipate their return, expect their return, which invariably they do.

It may be that this may be their perch of choice, that they are always here, but they will always have wings.
It is part of their beauty,
part of what we liked about them to begin with when they flew into our lives from nowhere - they chose to stop a while and admire our plumage and our home too...that made us feel good.

Wings are
integral to who we are.
We all may choose where we go
and noone has the right to clip them
or to close the cage door.

And surely they are at their most spectacular and glorious when they are spread and in flight... and even more so if we see them coming home :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just read this... and had to share :)

Steps To Happiness ~

Everybody Knows:
You can't be all things to all people.
You can't do all things at once.
You can't do all things equally well.
You can't do all things better than everyone else.

You have to find out who you are, and be that.
You have to decide what comes first, and do that.
You have to discover your strengths, and use them.
You have to learn not to compete with others,
Because no one else is in the contest of *being you*.

You will have learned to accept your own uniqueness.
You will have learned to set priorities and make decisions.
You will have learned to live with your limitations.
You will have learned to give yourself the respect that is due.
And you'll be a most vital mortal.

Dare To Believe:
That you are a wonderful, unique person.
That you are a once-in-all-history event.
That it's more than a right, it's your duty, to be who you are.
That life is not a problem to solve, but a gift to cherish.
And you'll be able to stay one up on what used to get you down.

just loved it and wanted to keep it safe and also to share it here..
am thinking, feeling and should be writing
but too busy with the living bit at the moment - haven't forgotten any of you though...
love to all