Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy...soul smiling :~)

Have been missing writing here - which probably means I should drop by more often -
Soon I'll be moving upstairs to the bedroom with the laptop - we have visitors for a couple of weeks and just maybe I'll find escape-time up there to unwind before sleep.

I came across these wonderful clips - from the world of happy :) and as they made me smile I thought I'd share...
I'd like to think I was the pink drumming cricket, but I'm not as good...!!

And on the happy note, so many moments lately have made me happy - moments when you stop and you can feel your soul smiling,


the colour of the sea as I drove past
the new shoot on the bird of paradise plant which I know one day will flower... I know it will!!
the angel who gave me a lift between hospitals on my last check up in England
the cute cyclist who smiled and waved but I haven't a clue who he is
the consultant who told me it was absolutely fine for me to 'go climb a mountain' as long as I took back a photo next time I saw him :~D

and lots to do with children and friends...

and sleep and
team work
and people who stretch me and show me possibilities and who are exciting and teach me new things... and the fun of learning, and discovery
and making connections and links and wondering at the way connections are made, and at how serendipity plays a part in life and that surely there is no such thing as coincidence...

and for all it's flaws once again wishing I could just freeze time so I could breathe in these moments a bit longer...

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