Sunday, February 14, 2010

The latest project...

This years project from R, ten years on from the original one - a painting every day of 2010 - those on facebook will already know about it, but those who aren't please take a look - you don't have to be registered on Facebook to view the group and the paintings... :o)
It's been a while since I sat and wrote here - daily contemplation takes many forms I guess and I've been busy doing other things too, learning new skills, aswell as dredging up some from the past which have been hidden in the recesses of my mind since school days!

music has a habit of making time travel possible, and earlier I listened to this from a long time ago - fun filled, youth fuelled, sparky, out there ready to take on the world memories, oh and hard times in there too...bitter sweet!

Just got me thinking, while I was at the gym, where I am 'upping the ante' and working harder in preparation for the Playtex moonwalk in May, about how being able to raise our game when we are called to, can be far more effective than wasting energy from being in a constant state of expectation - that being able to meet life face to face as it presents itself is a quality worth nurturing all round...

and yet how human the fight response is, especially in youth, and how conditioned we get to the expectation of things always remaining the same, which can so easily blind us to the true picture...

Anyhow, 'up the ante' is called for seriously here, as an ankle operation looms in a couple of days and I have no real idea of what the result will be - my brain says a few sutures and a sticky plaster.. whereas older and I tend to think wiser folk say a big bandage and crutches as a necessity instead of optional extra.. so we will see!! I am keeping my purple killer heels well in focus throughout this regardless though :o)

The new skill? African drumming... huge fun with new friends, great for stress release and harder than I'd thought!!
and the old skill...blanket stitch for darning pointe shoes ~ a true labour of love!