Thursday, March 22, 2012

You're Ready To Graduate Senior High School Already

For many people, senior high school is one thing we left out ten years (or 2 or 3) ago.

Have you ever observe that senior high school behavior (the negative kind) is one thing we consistently see in companies and organizations? Probably the most common actions are:

- Approval seeking: people want individuals to like them. This really is partially because humans are social animals and partially because we're hard-wired to fear being shunned in the tribe. Approval seeking becomes problematic whenever you water lower your message to be able to attract the mythical tribe of "everyone". Approval seeking can also be simple for others to place. In networking circles, there's almost always somebody that changes their personality to suit the present situation, a chameleon for a moment. This begs the question, if the individual is so unclear about who they really are, the way they have the ability to serve me or even the clients running a business?

- Gossip: is among the number 1 indications that the office/clients are in danger. When individuals are gossiping, it's sure sign they aren't happy in their own individual lives, since they're trading energy in distributing negative details about others. Running a business, it begs the question: if people talk by doing this about each other, exactly what does that say about how exactly they treat clients and work?

- Crazymaking: Author Julia Cameron best describes "crazymakers" in her own book The Artists' Way at the office: "Crazymakers enjoy drama, and melodrama requires a feeling of impending disaster. Things are an urgent situation, a deadline, dependent on existence and dying, or something like that they'll reach eventually. Read 'never'... Nearly any situation could be cast as melodrama to aid a crazymaker's plot lines...". Crazymakers are the type who drag uninvolved people to their conflicts demand special therapy (off-hrs visits, reduced costs) and make chaos when you're looking to get stuff done. Crazymakers don't have any respect for other individuals limitations. If you have a crazymaker inside your office, you know it since the crazymaker may be the one trying out time and effort from everybody. Have you got a crazymaker destroying your company?

- Worrying: just a little worrying goes a lengthy way. In small doses, it may be productive if this prompts you to definitely do something to repair something that's no longer working. However, worrying can certainly be a bad habit in groups. Complainers are simple to place in groups, because they are usually worrying about irrelevant matters or things they can't change. For instance, complainers like to complain concerning the free food at networking occasions. Everyone has eaten the rubbery chicken at networking occasions, but chicken is not the reason why you attend the big event, so don't complain about this! If a person gripes about every minor detail, how can they conduct themselves running a business? (most likely by worrying)

- Cutting Class: Everybody cuts class every once in awhile. Many people elevate it for an Olympic quality sport. Everyone knows individuals who consistently cancel coffee and lunch dates in the last second. They're usually exactly the same people who don't appear to conferences and occasions they formerly decided to attend. If you're the type of individual who doesn't have the habit of smoking of turning up, how will you be anticipated to appear inside your business?

- Cliques: The little, "exclusive" groups of people that appear to complete everything together, also called "the awesome kids". Cliques are harmful to business simply because they finish up excluding potential new clients or partners. Finding yourself in a clique also puts you at elevated risk for "groupthink", that is a dynamic that occurs in groups once they aren't susceptible to outdoors influence. It's when consensus and harmony get to be the goals from the group, at the fee for growth.

"Senior high school behavior" is a straightforward fallback because senior high school is definitely an experience virtually people have had, and also the roles are simple to fall under in group situations. Yet it's very harmful towards the functioning and success of the business.

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