Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Rewarded with the glimmer of what may be,
and what lies ahead,
as opposed to looking backwards at what we have left behind.
Rewards for perserverence,
for faith and hope and love.

When suddenly light seeps through and possibility makes an appearance,
When all those never ending tiny steps seem to have made one smallish step in a direction somewhere, anywhere,

and we stretch and bathe in the warmth, as we remember the cold darkness.
Lessons learned,
wiser perhaps, maybe, possibly, we hope...

It's warm, it's bright, it's beautiful...

it's a new beginning..

all over again

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The mix

It draws on tenacity,
is determined,
and creatively committed to finding a way forwards...
yet balanced with safe and comfortable,
is stretched and searching.

In another chapter, compassion eats away at heart strings, and asks questions there are no answers to,
the first close friend my age who has been seriously ill,

and sprinkled in between,
the magical fairy dust of friends
of fun, and plans and fantasy,
of music and dreams,
and play.

Sometimes barely perceptible,
sometimes glaringly obvious,
yet always evolving... and not always comfortable,
some would say never...

it happens regardless.

Am feeling it right now...

the life potion that spells

The inevitability
of Growth